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Extreme Hockey Slide Board Pro

The best hockey slide board on the marke. It targets the specific muscles needed to help you maximize the power of your stride. It will help you with your lateral movements, balance and endurance so you can be first to the puck every time.  Comes with 3 pair of Slide Board Booties so everyone in the family can work out; Small (up to size 5), Medium (size 5 to 8) and Large (size 8 to 12).

$ 299.95 $ 199.95
  • Used by 100+ NHL players
  • The 245 cm long Extreme Hockey Slide Board Pro easily adjusts to any length
  • 55 cm width for full extension on both sides
  • The heavy rubber wedges are angled to ensure proper sliding technique
  • The stoppers are retrofitted with foam for comfort
  • Can be easily rolled-up for storage
  • Always use trainers while using the slide board
  • Easy to carry in the Extreme Hockey Slide Board Carry Bag
  • There may be natural scratches in the plastic but it does not affect the function

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