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Extreme Hockey Pro Shooting Targets

The best hockey shooting targets on the market. Developed in collaboration with the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation. We have carefully studied where most goals have been scored in all IIHF events and in the NHL over the past five years and shaped the goal targets after that and placed them where you have the greatest chances to score. Place the bottom of the lower targets 12" above the ground, just over the goalie’s pads. NOTE! The hockey goal in the picture is not included.

$ 64.95 $ 59.95
  • Helps you becoming your team's top sniper
  • Premium hockey goal targets used by 100+ NHL players
  • Used by all Swedish National Hockey Teams
  • Incredible fun to train with
  • Made of extremely durable and lightweight material
  • Comes in a set of 4 targets
  • After hitting the targets they return to their original position
  • Installed in 20 seconds on any regulation size hockey goal