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Extreme Hockey Super Skills Kit

An amazing training setup that allows you to practice passing, stickhandling and shooting like the pros in your own home. Used by 100+ NHL players. You will no longer have to find ice time or a patch of ice to practice your skills outside of your team schedule.

$ 629.75 $ 549.95
  • Used by 100+ NHL players during the off-season training
  • The 6 m² Extreme Hockey Flooring Tiles simulates the feel of real ice and have amazing glide with regular pucks
  • Weather proofing treatment allows for use indoors or outdoors to withstand any weather conditions
  • The Extreme Hockey Passer Clamp-On Pro allows you to practice one-timers without training buddy
  • The Extreme Hockey Stickhandling Trainer is the most versatile stickhandling trainer on the market
  • NOTE! This product is for dryland training and is not intended for use with skates.