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Extreme Hockey Super Shooting Kit

A fantastic hockey shooting kit for players of all caliber. Used by 100+ NHL players. Can be used indoors and outdoors. NOT for use with skates. Shoes are recommended.

Unavailable for purchase/delivery in this region.
  • Durable regulation Monster Hockey Goal 183x122x75 cm
  • When fitted with the large Backstop it measures 335x198x75 cm
  • Extreme Hockey 4-Corner Shooting Targets included
  • Can withstand shots up to 130 km/h
  • 30 Extreme Hockey Flooring Tiles (6 m²) with amazing glide with regular pucks
  • Easily snap together tiles for seamless connections
  • The versatile Extreme Hockey Triangle Passer offers three 55 cm passing slots
  • The pro quality triangle passer can be use on and off ice
  • Get a harder shot by adding weight to your stick with the Extreme Hockey Pro Stick Weight