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Extreme Hockey Sauce Launch Pad 60x40 cm / 16"x24"

The best small hockey shooting pad on the market. Size 60x40 cm / 16"x24" makes it perfect for your hockey sauce game. Allows a player to properly set flight to all sorts of pucks with little wobble. Saucer passing is all about finesse so there is no need to power up. NOTE! The mini goal on the pictures is not included.

$ 44.95 $ 39.95
  • Allows you to practice your saucer passes and accurate passing anywhere you go
  • Premium quality shooting pad made in Canada
  • This easy to carry 60x40 cm hockey sauce launch pad simulates the feeling of real ice
  • Thanks to UV protection and weather proofing treatment it allows for use indoors or outdoors
  • At 5 mm it's thick enough to give a smooth feel even on the heaviest slap shots
  • Protects your expensive sticks from rough pavement when practicing at home